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Kerosene or Gas Oil?

Kerosene or Gas Oil?

What do I buy for my home heating system, Kerosene or Gas Oil?



95% of Irish homes use Kerosene as home heating oil. Its red-ish in color.  You can buy it here at through our suppliers . Quantities available from 20 ltr drums up to 1000’s of ltrs. Have a look at price list for Sligo . The only limitation is your tank size, and your wallet 🙂


Gas Oil

 (aka.  Green Diesel) (aka. Agri Diesel)
gas oil

5% of Irish homes use Gas Oil or Green Diesel as home heating fuel. These homes are normally farmhouses or older buildings. Gas Oil is green-ish in color. Gas Oil is normally purchased in large quantities because is also used around the farm, for tractors and farming equipment. Most Home Heating oil burners can be set up to burn Gas Oil. However, Kerosene is cheaper in small quantities.

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