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Home Heating Oil Smart Thermostats

Home Heating Oil Smart Thermostats

Have you ever woken up in the depts of winter and wished somehow you could turn on your home heating from your bed? Well you can and its brilliant!

Take my word for it, you have not lived until you have turned on your heating from your cosy bed. Plus, it gives you a perfect excuse to stay in bed an extra 20 minutes as you wait for your house to warm up ūüėČ

In this post will review the latest Smart Home Thermostats on the market today and more importantly  how they fit into your Irish home. Each product will have its own page (still a work-in-progress). If you have one of these thermostats please add some comments so other will know what best to buy.

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is probably the most well known Smart Thermostat on the market.

nest-handThis device comes from the team that developed the iPod. Google since acquired the team and are now developing a number of smart home devices. There are 3 versions of this thermostat and there is some tricky install requirements that can catch you out when purchasing.

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Netatmo thermostat

The Netatmo is a great wee thermostat, less blingy than the Nest and others, but still very stylish without using any energy.


This company has a weather station range so you can add to your heating with some very local weather data. I personally have one of these in my home and it works great. It has some features that differ from the original Nest and I really like. This thermostat can only turn on your boiler so no hot water option. this thermostat is battery powers so you have the the option to mount on any wall or leas it free standing on a shelf.  press the Learn More button to see the full review.

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You may of seen this thermostat on the UK TV ads. They have partnered with British Gas.

This thermostat has been around for years and working well in UK homes. There are 2 versions, one that just turns on your heating and one with heating and hot water.  Just like the Nest, the second version may not be suitable for your home so check out our Hive Thermostat full review by pressing the Learn More.

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Honeywell Lyric T6 Or T6R

Honeywell are a huge company. They have been use is smart building around the world for many years.

This is the Honeywell Lyric T6 or  T6R this one again can be quite tricky for Irish homes. honeywell lyric


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The Tado Thermostat is a small minimalism styled device.

tado smart thermostat This is the minimal device


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