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Coal Delivery Sligo

Coal Delivery Sligo.

Coal Delivery Sligo. Ah, as a boy I can always remember the coal man dropping in the 40kg bag of coal, all us kids had to jump out of the way while the big dirty boots thumped by. But in the day of  wind turbines, solar panels and airtight houses, is asking the question, Is the day of coal delivery Sligo over? We don’t think so!

coal delivery sligo

Yes technology and Irish homes have greatly improved over the last number of years. However, according to the Ireland2050 report coal import has only dropped by 400 tonnes from 2005 to 2015. When you take the number of houses in Ireland into account that’s only o.2 kg of coal reduction per household, leaving out industrial use and other factors.

We here at feel that coal delivery in Sligo will continue for a long time to come. However, the products and the technology of the coal man will change. Due to EU legislation, Ireland’s carbon emissions need to reduce. To meet these requirements, Ireland has banned Smokey Coal in cities and soon country wide. Since the introduction  of such measures a host of new smokeless products have come on to the Irish market, such as EcoGlow.  CPL Fuels Ireland the biggest importer in Ireland have moved to address this issue by investing in a new €10 Million smokeless coal manufacturing plant in Limerick.


We here at feel the major change and opportunity in the future for coal delivery Sligo will be technology. Coal men now have smartphones with them at all times. The power the internet can bring to this industry has huge potential. Especially, when linked to the new concepts in Local Online Sales.

One big player in online sales has invested heavily in delivery methods. The result is delivery charges costing more than the items you are purchasing. The second big player has cheap items from china with free delivery. If you are prepared to wait 6 to 8 weeks for your item to arrive.

Its time for the local sellers to start fighting back in the online space by offering the services the big guys can’t seem to get right. New technologies are emerging in this space. Pointy which just raised €12 Million in second round funding or Lightspeed POS cash-register with build in eCommerce website. Both these technologies put items from local shops online. So all the local sellers need now is a fast, cheap and reliable way to get their new bulky local online orders to the houses. There is potential for coal men to upscale into this space. If they are empowered with the right tools, such as technology. is working very closely with coal and oil suppliers. Each Coal or Oil supplier has an online store inside of By pooling resources in this way can offer a more secure, user friendly and convenient service.  This allows customers to easily order their home heating fuel, and maybe more!

All in all the future looks bright for coal delivery in Sligo.

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